Our Founder and Pop, Nicola “Nick” DiPietro: 5/25/1934 – 12/12/2011
Nicola migrated to America from Italy where he founded Pizza D’Oro and betrothed to his family a legacy of quality Italian food, an appreciation for the American Dream and a love for family and Church. He passed away in his home surrounded by his loving family.

Pizza D’Oro and the DiPietro Family go together like hearty sauce and pasta. Nicola (Nick) DiPietro, his wife Mary and children opened the first Pizza D’Oro in 1968 in the City of La Palma and put the whole family to work. Nick made Pizzas and chatted up customers, Mary handled the books and worked the kitchen, and the kids all worked the front counter after school.

In 1977, the family relocated to the Costa Mesa location and sold the La Palma store to a family friend. By the time Baby Phillip was born, Nick and his family were so popular in the City of Costa Mesa that they decided to expand. Mary stayed in the Costa Mesa Pizza D’Oro and Nick opened up his largest store branding it “Nick’s Pizza D’Oro.” In 1989, Nick’s oldest son “Nicolas” opened up the Pizza D’Oro in Huntington Beach.

The original La Palma location closed its doors in the mid 90’s and following Nick’s passing, “Nick’s Pizza D’Oro” was operated by various family members until it was sold in 2017. “Nick’s Pizza D’Oro” officially closed its Fountain Valley doors in 2019 after 35 years in business.

Today, there are only 2 Pizza D’Oro locations both owned by Nick and Mary’s two sons; Joe DiPietro, who has worked over 35 years at Pizza D’Oro and Phillip DiPietro, who has worked over 20 years at Pizza D’Oro. You can find Nick’s youngest son Phillip and Nick’s grandson Nicky working hard at Pizza D’Oro at 1145 Baker St in Costa Mesa. Nick’s son Joe and his wife Cindy own and operate Pizza D’Oro at 8468 Indianapolis in Huntington Beach. Our Family spans 3 generations of restaurateurs who truly take pride in providing their guests with hearty Italian food, authentic hearth-baked pizzas, and personable service at reasonable prices. From our family to yours, we thank you for your patronage and look forward to feeding you soon!

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