Our Founder and Pop, Nicola “Nick” DiPietro (5/25/1934 – 12/12/2011), was born and orphaned in war-torn Italy.  Nicola migrated to America and began a family with his wife Mary.  Together they founded Pizza D’Oro and passed on to his family a legacy of quality Italian cuisine, an appreciation for the American Dream and a love for family and Church. He passed on surrounded by his loving family and friends in his home.

Pizza D’Oro and the DiPietro Family go together like zesty sauce goes over Imported Pasta. Nicola DiPietro, his wife Mary and children opened the first Pizza D’Oro in 1968 and spent the next 10 years perfecting their Abruzzi-Italian Cuisine before they expanded.

They relocated to the Costa Mesa location in 1978 and fed crazy amounts of College kids and Nine-to-Fiver’s. Five years later, the DiPietro Family opened up a second location in Fountain Valley with a large dining room and a lunch-time buffet. The oldest son “Big Nick” opened up the Huntington Beach Location in 1989 and cranked out awesome food for the Beach Culture for over a decade.

Owned and Operated for over 45 years by the DiPietro Family, you can find Phillip DiPietro in Costa Mesa, Joseph DiPietro in Fountain Valley and Cindy DiPietro in Huntington Beach. From our family to yours, we thank you for your patronage and look forward to feeding you soon!

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